Medelior Active consists of two components which are applied successively one after the other, in such a way that Component 1 is applied on the problematic part of the skin and as soon as it is absorbed, Component 2 is applied.

The cream is used 3 to 4 times a day until the symptoms disappear and after the symptoms have withdrawn, once a day is sufficient or as required.

The nature of skin problems relieved by using Medelior Active is often such that they are reappearing and therefore a continuous use of the cream is of utmost importance, and thus the user shall notice that the skin problem, even though it is reappearing, is less expressed, is withdrawing much faster and becoming increasingly rare.

Upon applying Medelior Active cream on damaged skin, you will feel a burning sensation which soon disappears and along with it the itching disappears too.

The burning sensation you feel is not a side effect but a result of the activity of capsaicin, and the intensity of burning is reduced with skin recovery.

KAPSAICIN (Capsicum)

In case corticosteroids were used immediately before beginning to use Medelior Active or in case they are used continuously during a longer period of time, it is obligatory to perform detoxification of the body so the effect of the cream would not stay out.

Minor skin conditions on smaller surfaces disappear already within several days, while the results in case of more serious skin conditions require a longer period of time and, of course, continuity of use.

In addition to using the product, it is of utmost importance to adhere to the basic rules of conduct including regular hygiene and skin exfoliation, fluids intake, body detoxification and other, which everyone facing skin problems should by all means know and apply.

Every user should bear in mind that every person is an individual, that Medelior Active is a purely natural product, without any harmful consequences for the human body, that its full efficiency requires time and that solely corticosteroids can secure a fast effect but with harmful consequences in the long run.

Medelior Active cream stimulates regeneration, improves the skin structure, soothes and prevents skin problems fast and effectively, returns the skin its shine, moisture and natural appearance, and its users can be sure that by using the cream they are not additionally impairing their health, which is the first thing every user should bear in mind.