Medelior Active cream, a unique natural product on the market, has been produced using a formula that has been specially designed for sensitive skin and problem skin.

It is made from ingredients that have been proven to help soothe symptoms of skin disease, especially psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrhoea, etc.

Medelior Active

  • It features 100 per cent natural, active components such as witch-hazel, capsaicin, chlorophyllin, allantoin and numerous other high quality ingredients that greatly help those with skin diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis and other similar skin issues.
  • It consists of two components whose natural active ingredients act effectively, with visible results within a month of use, depending on the state of the skin.
  • Soothes, nurtures and protects irritated skin. It softens and smoothens dry and rough skin. It eases and prevents skin problems. Medelior Active promotes skin regeneration and repairs skin structure.
  • It does not contain any petrochemical components such as preservatives, irritants, perfumes and colouring.


Medelior Active cream is applied as follows: component 1 is lightly massaged into the skin and after it has been absorbed, a thin layer of component number 2 is applied.

The best effects are achieved through repeated application a number of times a day.

Completely safe for use by all age groups.